1.6.2 (2018-02-03)

Minor Bugfixes

1.6.1 (2017-07-03)

Registration: Bugfix

1.6.0 (2016-12-31)

MultiPrjects: bugfixes and improvements (active project gets stored)
MapBar: automatic resize to window size, customizable line height, bugfixes
Configuration: Snippets activated by default
Configuration: renamed option MapBarLineHeight -> MapBarCharHeight
Configuration: renamed option MapBarLineWidth -> MapBarCharWidth
New command: AccessUserRoster (None)
New command: MemoPad (None)
New command: ModuleVariablesList (SC + Space long)
New command: ShowAccessObject (C + N long)
New command: SQLPad (None)
Improved command: AccessOpenDatabaseShadow (support for accdb)
Improved command: MoveCursorProcedureUp (first line if cursor inside first procedure)
Improved command: MoveCursorProcedureDown (last line if cursor inside last procedure)
Improved command: FindTextEx (Tabs)
Improved command: VariableDetails (arguments are now supported)
Bugfixed command: HightlightProcedure (Paint)
Bugfixed command: HighlightBlock (Paint)
Renamed command: LocalVariablesList -> ProcedureVariablesList

1.5.2 (2015-10-16)

NavigationBar: without an active tab, sort, resize
MapBar: without an active tab, WM_MOUSEWHEEL SyntaxHighlightning
Bugfixed command: Save (new modul under different name, popup)
Bugfixed command: AccessObjectsList (inside quotes, .!, Foo("tbl"))
Bugfixed command: AddBookmark (cursor jumps to column 1 if bookmark already exists)
Renamed command: LocalVariablesList -> ProcedureVariablesList
Bugfixed command: SearchText (without an active tab, highlightning)

1.5.1 (2015-10-02)

New feature: Office 2016 support
New feature: Message at startup if commands/snippets are deactivated
Bugfix: Network implementation (snippets, version, activation)
Bugfix: Codepane jumped back to the cursor when scrolled with the mouse
Configuration: Improved commands/snippets check/reset
Bugfixed command: InsertProcedureEx (Variable got sometimes not selected in the combobox)

1.5.0 (2015-09-17)

Installer: MSADDNDR.OLB removed
Installer: vbeTwister4vba.cls added
Installer: CloseTabs.bmp updated
Installer: TakeSnapshot.bmp added
Installer: GotoLineEx.bmp added
Installer: GotoBookmark.bmp added
Installer: GotoDefinition.bmp added
Installer: RestoreSnapshot.bmp updated
Installer: RestoreSnapshotEx.bmp updated
Installer: RestoreTabs.bmp updated
Installer: TakeSnapshot.bmp updated
Installer: UndoRestoreSnapshot.bmp updated

Bugfix: [SHIFT] + F1 produced an error
Bugfix: F6 got caught systemwide
New feature: scripting interface
Improved highlightning: beacon, section, variable, procedure
Improved workspace management: snapshots, bookmarks, reopened tabs
TabsBar: tab edited and not saved smybol (asterix) moved from right to left

Configuration: new option ShortcutDisplay (true)
Configuration: new button reset
Configuration: CommandsCheck (true -> false)
Configuration: SnippetsCheck true -> false)

Snippets: [CTRL] + [SPACE] (if cursor is inside double quotes)
New variables: $module_variable_count, $module_enum_count, $module_type_count
New variables: $procedure_argument_count, $procedure_variable_count
Renamed variable: $module_proc_count -> $module_procedure_count
Renamed variable: $procedure_args_count -> $procedure_argument_count

New command: BlockDetailsEx (SCA + ? long)
New command: DuplicateBlock (None)
New command: DuplicateBlockEx (None)
New command: DuplicateLines (None)
New command: DuplicateProcedure (None)
New command: DuplicateProcedureEx (None)
New command: FlipImmediateWindow (None)
New command: FlipLocalsWindow (None)
New command: FlipMapWindow (None)
New command: FlipNavigationWindow (None)
New command: FlipSearchTextWindow (None)
New command: FlipWatchesWindow (None)
New command: InsertBlockExitPhrase (SCA + [RETURN] long)
New command: IndentLinesByOneTab (None)
New command: InsertProcedureEx (SC + [INSERT] long)
New command: InsertProcedureExitPhrase (SC + [RETURN] long)
New command: InspectLocal (None)
New command: InspectWatch (None)
New command: MoveCursorVariableDown (CA + [DOWN])
New command: MoveCursorVariableDownEx (CA + [DOWN] long)
New command: MoveCursorVariableUp (CA + [UP])
New command: MoveCursorVariableUpEx (CA + [UP] long)
New command: MoveCursorMetaDown (None)
New command: MoveCursorMetaDownEx (None)
New command: MoveCursorMetaUp (None)
New command: MoveCursorMetaUpEx (None)
New command: TakeSnapshot (None)
New command: ProcedureDetailsEx (SC + ? long)
New command: VariableDetails (SC + .)

Improved command: BlockDetails (snapshot, positioning of the window)
Improved command: CodeStatistic (cancel during execution)
Improved command: DeclareVariable (check if variable already definied)
Improved command: DeclareVariableEx (check if variable already definied)
Improved command: DeleteLines (cursor in the very last line)
Improved command: ExecuteCommand (faster, new combobox)
Improved command: GotoDefinition (cursor within quotes, comment was not restored)
Improved command: GotoLine (only sections and procedures are displayed)
Improved command: GotoLineEx (all types are displayed)
Improved command: InsertBlockExitWord (all nested blocks are checked)
Improved command: InsertProcedureErrorHandling (CursorVariable)
Improved command: InsertProcedureErrorHeader (CursorVariable)
Improved command: InsertProcedureErrorFooter (CursorVariable)
Improved command: InsertBlockConditionLine/InsertBlockDefaultLine: Leerzeile, Indention
Improved command: InsertParenthesesLine (works now within a commented line)
Improved command: InvalidSpaces (cancel during execution)
Improved command: ManageMetas (user defined Meta Comment Tags, cancel during execution)
Improved command: OptimizeDeclaration (MultiLine)
Improved command: PasteTextEx (designer)
Improved command: ProcedureCalls (cancel during execution)
Improved command: ProcedureDetails (snapshot, positioning of the window)
Improved command: RestoreSnapshot (topline/selection of codepanes)
Improved command: ScrollLineUp (faster)
Improved command: ScrollLineDown (faster)
Improved command: SelectWord(faster, variable declaration)
Improved command: SelectWord(two columns)
Improved command: SearchTextResults (cancel during execution)
Improved command: ShowMapWindow (cursor stays in codepane)
Improved command: ShowNavigationWindow (cursor stays in codepane)
Improved command: InsertProcedure (new combobox)
Improved command: UnusedProcedures (cancel during execution)
Improved command: UnusedVariables (cancel during execution, highlightning, filter)

Renamed command: InsertBeaconCommentTag -> InsertBeacon
Renamed command: InsertMetaCommentTag -> InsertMeta
Renamed command: InsertSectionCommentTag -> InsertSection
Renamed command: MetaCommentTags -> ManageMetas
Renamed command: OpenObjectFromActiveTab -> OpenObjectFromActiveModule
Renamed command: SetFocusOnObjectFromActiveTab -> SetFocusOnObjectFromActiveModule
Renamed command: TabIndentLines -> IndentLinesByOneTab

Changed shortcut: InsertParenthesesLine (SCA + [(] -> None)
Changed shortcut: InsertParenthesesLineEx (None -> SCA + [(])
Changed shortcut: MoveCursorSectionDown (CA + [DOWN] -> SC + [PAGEDOWN])
Changed shortcut: MoveCursorSectionDownEx (CA + [DOWN] -> SC + [PAGEDOWN] long)
Changed shortcut: MoveCursorSectionUp (CA + [UP] -> SC + [PAGEUP])
Changed shortcut: MoveCursorSectionUpEx (CA + [UP] -> SC + [PAGEUP] long)

1.4.0 (2015-03-10)

Installer: MSADDNDR.dll added (C:\Program Files\Common Files\DESIGNER)
Installer: ExecuteCommand.bmp added
Installer: ExecuteCommandEx.bmp added
Installer: GoToLine.bmp added
Installer: HighlightCursor.bmp added
Installer: MetaComments.bmp added
Installer: PauseTwister.bmp added
Installer: RestoreSnapshot.bmp added
Installer: RestoreSnapshotEx.bmp added
Installer: UndoRestoreSnapshot.bmp added
Syntax analysis: Support for vbWatchdog
New feature: PopupMenu via UserDefinied Commands (ComandsBar/TabsBar/NavigationBar)
New feature: Semi transparent layer for messages
New shortcut: [CTRL] + [ESCPAPE] long (ManageSnapshots)
NavigationBar: new modules (Menu, Commands, Snapshots, Bookmarks)
New variables: $block_name, $block_scope, $block_category, $block_type, block_line_count
New variables: $block_start_line, $block_end_line, $block_pevious_line, $block_next_line
Deleted variabels: $block_start, $bock_condition, $block_default, $block_end
Configuration: New option (SpaceHighlighningChar)
Configuration: New option (MapBarLineHeight)
Configuration: New option (MapBarLineWidth)
Configuration: Renamed option (SortIcon -> SortIconVisible)
Configuration: Renamed option (ShowCommandsComboBox -> TabsBarComboBoxVisible)
Configuration: Renamed option (TabObjectIcon -> TabObjectIconVisible)
Configuration: Renamed option (TabCloseIcon -> TabCloseIconVisible)
New command: RemoveBookmark (C + B long)
New command: ManageBookmarks (SCA + B)
New command: RemoveBookmarks (SCA + B long)
New command: RemoveSnapshots (None)
New command: CheckSnippet (CA + [SPACE])
New command: SnippetVariablesList (CA + [SPACE] long)
New command: CreateEnumBlock (None)
New command: DeclareVariableEx (SC + N long)
New command: InsertProcedureEx (SC + [INSERT] long)
New command: LastMessage (None)
New command: LastMessageEx (None)
Optimized command: GotoBookmark (last bookmark)
Optimized command: GotoBookmarkEx (first bookmark)
Optimized command: UnusedVariables (-Variable, sFile As iFile)
Optimized command: AddWatch (MultiLine)
Optimized command: ShowStatistics: GPF textfield before search
Optimized command: DeclareVariable: On Error GoTo
Optimized command: GotoDefinition: IsEqualText
Optimized command: RestoreSnapshot (display previous snapshot) Optimized command: ShowProcedure (icons)
Optimized command: ShowBlock (icons)
Renamed command: RestoreSnapshotEx -> ManageSnapshots
Renamed command: RestoreKeypressSnapshot -> RestoreSnapshotEx
Renamed command: AddDeleteBookmark -> AddBookmark
Renamed command: InsertMetaComment -> InsertMetaCommentTag
Renamed command: ScanMetaComments -> ScanMetaCommentTags
Renamed command: InsertSection -> InsertSectionCommentTag
Renamed command: InsertBeacon -> InsertBeaconCommentTag
New shortcut: RestoreSnapshot (C + .)
Changed chortcut: GotoBookmark (SC + B -> S + B long)
Changed shortcut: RestoreSnapshotEx (C + . long)

1.3.1 (2014-12-09)

Configuration: Insertation -> Insertion, Highlightning -> Highlighting
Configuration: Bugfix license activation
NavigationBar: Global module/class variables
Bugfixed command: InsertBlockEndLine (Missing snippet)
Renamed command: ToggleSpaceHighlightning -> ToggleSpaceHighlighting
Renamed command: ToggleSpaceHighlightningEx -> ToggleSpaceHighlightingEx

1.3.0 (2014-12-05)

Installer: PasteText.bmp added
Installer: PasteTextEx.bmp added
Configuration: new setting FirstTabIndention (true)
Configuration: new setting VariableIndention (true)
Configuration: new setting ShowCommandsComboBox (true)
Configuration: new setting NavigationBarPrivateBold (false)
Configuration: new setting NavigationBarFriendBold (false)
Configuration: new setting NavigationBarPublicBold (false)
Configuration: new setting NavigationBarPrivateColor (13158600)
Configuration: new setting NavigationBarFriendColor (13107400)
Configuration: new setting NavigationBarPublicColor (0)
Configuration: new setting MapBarBeaconColor (0)
Configuration: new setting MapBarSectionColor (0)
Configuration: new tab "Bars", redesign tab "Commands"
Configuration: renamed setting ImmediateWindowChar -> lblImmediateWindowProcedureChar (: -> #)
NavigationBar: [F6]/[TAB] switches cursor, [F5] removed, clipboard symbols, bugfixes
MapBar: WheelMouse, [POS1], [END], Drag and Drop
New command: HighlightVariable (None)
New command: HighlightBeacon (None)
New command: HighlightSection (None)
Improved command: UnusedVariables
Improved command: InsertProcedure (cursor behind object. opens the object codepane)
Improved command: AccessOpenDatabaseBackend (Excel, Text)
Improved command: SearchText: cboProcedure ErrorMessage
Improved command: DeclareVariable (Empty line)
Bugfixed command: PauseTwister(GPF when clicked in ComboBox), NavigationBar and Map bar restored

1.2.0 (2014-11-05)

Installer: CloseTabs.bmp added
Installer: ShowMapWindow.bmp added
New feature: MapBar
New feature: max 20 tabs are loaded on startup
New feature: commands can be pinned on the TabsBar (incl. separator)
New feature: commands can now be displayed as icons in the CommandsBar
New feature: commands can now be displayed with separator in the CommandsBar
Improved feature: NavigationBar (multithreading, variables, clipboard buttons)
New menu eintries: ShowNavigationWindow, ShowMapWindow
Bugfixed: protected project on startup
Bugfixed: F5 in debug mode blocked
Improved syntax analysis: Single line procedure
Configuration: Settings2 (color selector)
Configuration: new tab "Bars" (CommandsBar, TabsBar, ComboBox)
Configuration: new option NavigationBarIcons (true)
Configuration: new option NavigationBarClipboard (true)
Configuration: WM_MOUSEWHEEL support
New command: MoveLinesUp (C + [PLUS])
New command: MoveLinesDown (C + [MINUS])
New command: ShowMapWindow (SCA + M)
New command: ShowMapWindowEx (SCA + M long)
Bugfixed command: InsertEventHandler (cursor in last row)
Bugfixed command: InsertParenthesisEx
Improved command: AccessObjectsList (recordset)
Improved commands: GotoLine/OrderLines (icons changed)
Changed shortcut: ZoomIn (C + [PLUS] -> CA + [PLUS])
Changed shortcut: ZoomOut (C + [MINUS] -> CA + [MINUS])

1.1.0 (2014-09-26)

Improved feature: NavigationBar(Context menu, drag and drop, F5 for refresh)
Improved syntax analysis: Performance
Dialog listboxes: 5 lines margin
Configuration: new option ExactHighlightning (false)
New command: InsertTypeBlock (None)
New command: InsertEnumBlock (None)
New command: InsertIfBlock (None)
New command: InsertForBlock (None)
New command: InsertForEachBlock (None)
New command: InsertSelectBlock (None)
New command: InsertDoBlock (None)
New command: InsertWhileBlock (None)
New command: InsertLoopBlock (None)
New command: InsertWithBlock (None)
New command: CutLinesEx (CA + X long)
New command: SelectLinesEx (CA + Q long)
New command: ReplaceLinesEx (CA + R long)
New command: InsertMetaComment
Bugfixed command: UncommentBlock (Type and Enum)
Bugfixed command: InsertProcedure(Static, Error + Header)
Bugfixed command: DeleteComment
Bugfixed command: SelectWord
Bugfixed command: IndentProcedure
Bugfixed command: ManageWorkspace (Refresh ListBox)
Bugfixed command: RestoreTabsEx (Delete)
Bugfixed command: InsertErrorHandling
Bugfixed command: UnusedProcedures
Bugfixed command: InsertLineNumbers
Improved command: GotoLine
Improved command: GotoLineEx
Improved command: OrderLines
Improved command: InsertParenthesesEx([,] sets the cursor)
Improved command: PauseTwister (Buttons and ComboBox disabled)
Renamed command: GotoLineOrProcedureOrSection -> GotoLine
Renamed command: GotoBeacon -> GotoLineEx
Renamed command: OrderProceduresAndSections -> OrderLines
Deleted commands: DeleteCommentEx, SelectCommentEx, CopyCommentEx, CutCommentEx, ReplaceCommentEx, IndentCommentEx

1.0.0 (2014-08-31)

Installer: AddTabs.bmp added
Installer: CloseTabs.bmp added
Installer: ShowNavigationWindow.bmp added
New feature: The dialogs position and size are restored
New feature: Line numbers support (Highlight, Snippets, TAB, RETURN, POS1)
New feature: NavigationBar (redesign GUI, Type/Enum, Auto/Manual, public 2, friend 1)
Improved feature: Word detection (inside double quotes)
Configuration: AccessObjectsCheck (new option)
Configuration: InvalidSpaces (not checked by default)
Configuration: Commands CommandBar property (not handled properly)
Configuration: Serial activation (new dialog)
New command: ToggleInvalidSpacesHighlightning (C + # long)
New command: ExecuteLastCommand (SC + V long)
New command: HighlightScreenEx (CA + # long)
Bugfixed command: InsertLineNumbers (ProcedureFooter, Select Case)
Bugfixed command: InsertProcedure (snippets)
Bugfixed command: InsertEventHandler (snippets)
Bugfixed command: CreateWithBlock (indention)
Bugfixed command: DeclareVariable (Keyboard)
Bugfixed commands: HighlightProcedureEx, HighlightScreen (Type mismatch)
Improved command: SearchText (selection disappears, highlightning)
Improved command: CopyWord (dotted rectangle)
Improved command: AddTabs (current tab selected)
Improved command: LocalVariables (2 icons)
Improved command: RemoveLineNumbers (spaces)
Improved command: UnusedProcedures (column widths)
Improved commands: AddTabs, RestoreTabs (larger dialog)
Improved commands: ProcedureInfo/BockInfo (size, position)
Renamed command: RemoveLinesIndentions -> DeleteLinesIndentions
Renamed command: RemoveLineNumbers -> DeleteLineNumbers
Renamed command: ShowWatchWindow -> ShowWatchesWindow
Renamed command: ShowWatchWindowEx -> ShowWatchesWindowEx
Renamed command: InsertLabel -> InsertSection
Changed shortcut: HighlightScreen (C + # long -> CA + #)
Deleted command: PasteLines

0.9.30 (2014-07-30)

0.9.29 (2014-06-30)

0.9.28 (2014-05-20)

0.9.27 (2014-05-09)

0.9.26 (2014-03-17)

0.9.25 (2014-03-07)

0.9.24 (2014-01-31)

0.9.23 (2014-01-06)

0.9.22 (2013-11-30)

0.9.21 (2013-11-28)

0.9.20 (2013-10-30)

0.9.19 (2013-10-16)

0.9.18 (2013-09-27)

0.9.17 (2013-09-12)

0.9.16 (2013-09-09)

0.9.15 (2013-09-02)

0.9.14 (2013-08-01)

0.9.13 (2013-07-19)

0.9.12 (2013-06-27)

0.9.11 (2013-06-05)

0.9.10 (2013-03-24)

0.9.09 (2013-03-04)

0.9.08 (2013-02-13)

0.9.07 (2012-10-15)

0.9.06 (2012-09-11)

0.9.05 (2012-08-29)