vbeTwister is a Windows (XP - 8.1) 32 bit add-in for Microsoft VBA (MS Office 2000 - 2013, ...) and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

The mission: a state-of-the-art IDE for VBA and VB6

The current version is 1.2.0, released on 2014-11-05.


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The VBA IDE (VBE6.DLL) was released by Microsoft in 1999 as part of MS Office 2000. Since then Microsoft didn't improve the software at all. As a result it lacks a lot features other code editors/IDEs nowadays use to have. During the years many third party software vendors (like AutoDesk etc.) licenced the VBA technology (language including the VBE) to upgrade their program into a plattform.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6, released by Microsoft in 1998, is a very simular IDE and provides the same add-in API. Still thousands of developers are using these two products, maintaining and developing Visual Basic (for Applications) software. The add-in vbeTwister upgrades the IDE by adding a bunch of features and increases therefore the coding comfort and the productivity.


  • Handle the IDE like a modern browser with tabs
  • Workspace gets saved and restored
  • More than 300 fully customizeable commands
  • Auto indention for better formatting
  • Realtime search with a dockable dialog
  • Procedure, block, selection, parentheses, brackets highlightning
  • Hilightning of parentheses, brackets, search, selection
  • Snippets with regular expressions and variables
  • Multilanguage support via INI file
  • No need to use the mouse any longer
  • Navigation bar & map bar