vbeTwister is a Windows (XP - 8.1) 32 bit add-in for Microsoft VBA (MS Office 2000 - 2013, ...) and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

The mission: a state-of-the-art IDE for VBA and VB6

Though Visual Basic is a quite old language it is still very pouplar and ubiquitous. Thousands of applications, especially Microsoft Office, would not work without VBA technology. That's the reason why programming in Visual Basic is a core part of the ECDL. vbeTwister4vba provides professionals, teachers and students hundreds of features for coding with Visual Basic.

The current version is 1.3.1, released on 2014-12-09.

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The VBA IDE (VBE6.DLL) was released by Microsoft in 1999 as part of MS Office 2000. Since then Microsoft didn't improve the software at all. As a result it lacks a lot features other code editors/IDEs nowadays use to have. During the years many third party software vendors (like AutoDesk etc.) licenced the VBA technology (language including the VBE) to upgrade their program into a plattform.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6, released by Microsoft in 1998, is a very simular IDE and provides the same add-in API. Still thousands of developers are using these two products, maintaining and developing Visual Basic (for Applications) software. The add-in vbeTwister upgrades the IDE by adding a bunch of features and increases therefore the coding comfort and the productivity.


  • Source code is displayed in tabs
  • Workspace gets saved and restored
  • More than 300 fully customizeable commands
  • Auto indention for better formatting
  • Realtime search with a dockable dialog and highlightning
  • Procedure, block, selection, parentheses, bracket, space highlightning
  • Regular expressions snippets and variables
  • Multilanguage support via INI file
  • Navigation bar & map bar